Gathering Splinters
Gathering  Splinters

About Matthew D. Holtmeier

I currently reside in Boulder, CO, USA, and take a lot of my inspiration from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Both art and woodworking provide me with a means to reflect on life and to let go of some of its stresses. 


I try to do something creative daily and post it on my Instagram: gathering_splinters


You can also find me on Facebook: Gathering Splinters

On Artwork

I've been asked before where I find my inspiration, and the truth is I find inspiration in just about everything. I try not to mimic the work of others but I do find myself learning from their techniques.


Perhaps my greatest source of inspiration, among other things, comes from dealing daily with OCD and fibromyalgia. Though they make in nearly impossible for me to work at times, I find that trying to 'draw out' the way they make me feel leads to some interesting works. Once on paper, I have a greater ability to view my current circumstances from a distance.


I believe that my greatest artistic strength lies in my use of heavy lines, spirals and other such abstractions. This has become something of a signature style for me, and I do hope to develop it more as I move into different types of medium. 



On Woodworking

My Workshop My Workshop

My woodworking shop has taken over our one-car garage. Due to the limited shop space, my focus has been mainly on small boxes, dice trays and the like. As my skill level grows, I hope to incorporate more artistry into my works. 


I use a variety of tools, but one of my favorites is a Mark V Shopsmith. I'm thankful that my stepfather gave it to me when it became apparent that I had fallen in love with woodworking. 

The works appearing here may not be reproduced or used, in any way, without written permission.

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